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3 Lead Generation Strategies to Help Flooring Installers Generate More Sales in 2023

Top 3 Lead Generation Strategies for Flooring Installers

Businesses measure their success by the number of sales they make. Getting sales requires high-quality leads generated from website traffic and digital marketing strategies. While it can be easy to generate traffic, it is not easy to create the necessary high-quality leads, especially in the flooring industry. 

With so many lead-generation strategies, knowing which is best for your business can be difficult. Here are three top lead generation strategies to generate high-quality leads for your flooring business in 2023:

1. Keep it Local

Keep it Local

As a flooring installer, you service clients in a specific radius. You may have multiple locations with each one serving a specific area. You want to keep your marketing local to better reach the audience you are offering your services to rather than people out of that service area. The best way to do this is to create localized landing pages.

Create Pages to Target Specific Service Areas

Localized landing pages are excellent tools for your business. When you use these pages correctly, you can create precisely targeted pages for specific areas. There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can create, so you can have landing pages for the various counties, cities, and neighborhoods you serve.

Use Localized Keywords

For your landing pages to be successful, your target audience has to be able to find them. To ensure that they can find you, you need to optimize the pages using relevant and localized SEO keywords and search terms. You can incorporate city names, neighborhoods, and even zip codes into your search terms to be as specific as possible. 

2. Focus on Earned Media

Focus on Earned Media

Earned media, or earned content, is written content about your business that you haven’t bought or created. This can include media coverage, mentions on social media, recommendations, and positive reviews, to name a few. Earned reviews are critical for your business, as they show people trust your work and have had positive experiences, which will create leads. 

Ask Clients to Leave Reviews

When you finish working with a client, ask them to leave a review. For service workers, positive reviews are essential. These are one of the first things potential customers will look at when considering companies for services like flooring installation. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely a potential customer will look into your work further. 

Have Verified, Up-to-Date Profiles on Review Sites

When looking for service companies, potential clients will check review sites like Google, Yelp, Angi, and more to see what past clients have to say. When you create verified profiles on these sites, they can know it is you with absolute certainty. A verified profile will also have all your necessary info, including your full business name, phone number, address, and website link, so searchers won’t have to go elsewhere to get that info.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is important, even if the review is bad. Responding to every review shows a commitment to your company, which people will appreciate. When replying to reviews, always maintain respect and professionalism; if a review is negative, calmly apologize and address any issues or grievances the client has expressed.

Keep Your Google Business Profile Up-to-Date

Google is the most used search engine, so it is essential that you take the time to create and maintain a Google Business profile. They are the first profiles someone sees when searching for services, so keeping your profile up-to-date is critical to ensuring that potential customers have all the accurate information regarding your business. 

3. Focus on Visuals

Focus on Visuals

With people spending more time online, digital marketing has become an increasingly significant factor in how people shop. Every day, people are inundated with products and services from social media, blogs, and other online destinations. To generate high-quality leads, you need to rely more heavily on digital marketing and increasing your online presence. 

Post Photos of Your Work

For services like floor installation, potential clients expect to see before-and-after pictures. Take time with every job to take pictures before you start work and once the job is completed. They should be clear, high-quality images without any editing or filters. You can create a gallery section on your website to show them and even post them on review sites and social media for more people to see. Try to show a diverse range of work, including different materials you work with and the flooring services you offer. 

Use Social Media to Run Ads

Use Social Media to Run Ads

Most companies have at least one advertisement that runs on social media platforms, announcing their company and services to residents. You can use these social media ad campaigns to target your audience based on various demographics, so they are more effective. Social media ads are another great option to drive traffic to your website, which can convert into paying customers. 

Increase Your Online Presence, Get More Leads

The flooring industry is full of companies competing for customers, and everyone wants to succeed. To find success, you need to know how to use various digital marketing strategies to grow your website traffic and get new leads that can convert into customers. It can be difficult when you are first learning, but these three strategies are guaranteed to help grow your traffic and generate more high-quality leads–which means your business will grow.

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