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The 6 Best Flooring Design Ideas for Dental Offices

The 6 Best Flooring Design Ideas for Dental Office

Whether you are opening a brand new dental practice or renovating an existing one, it is important to take the time to choose all the details carefully. A dental office design, first and foremost, needs to be practical in terms of layout and materials. The design should also be welcoming and comfortable for both patients and staff. 

One key design aspect not to overlook is the dental office flooring. The right flooring can tie an entire design together, to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that helps patients feel less nervous. It will also ensure the comfort of you and your staff during your long hours in the office.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Dental Office Designs?

What Type of Flooring is Best for Dental Office Designs?

Dental offices have multiple areas: the waiting room, the offices and break room, and the area where dental work gets done. In some cases, offices choose to have different flooring in these areas, like carpet in the waiting room and another option for the work area. Of course you want to choose aesthetically pleasing flooring, however that is not the only detail that matters. Whether you choose different flooring for these spaces or a singular floor type, there are some key features to look for when making your choice. 


Dentist offices see much movement daily, with patients and staff moving about the space. The flooring you choose for your dental office needs to be resilient and capable of withstanding daily wear without degrading or showing signs of wear too quickly.

Softer Flooring

You and your staff spend hours on your feet while you work. While suitable footwear is crucial, so is having softer, more supportive, and ergonomic dental office flooring. 

According to Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (PSQH), softer floors absorb more impact and return less to the feet, helping to minimize potential discomfort, especially when compared to harder flooring. Softer ergonomic floors can also reduce noise levels and create more favorable acoustics in the clinic setting. 


A lot of dentistry equipment can produce water, and the rooms often have sinks for hand washing and for patients to rinse their mouths out. This makes it essential to choose water-resistant dental office flooring materials, to protect the floors from potential water damage. 

Dental Office Flooring Options

Dental Office Flooring Options

The list of flooring types is virtually endless, and there are many options on the market, but not all are ideal for dental offices. Here are some attractive and durable options that are perfect for dental offices:

1. Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles are designed for commercial businesses and come in various colors. They are not waterproof, but they are durable, stain-resistant flooring that you can easily vacuum. Carpet tiles are best for lobbies, hallways, offices, and reception areas.

2. Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is an option for dental office work areas to consider as flooring. It is a popular option due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and the various style options available. Sheet vinyl floors come in pre-cut and roll sheets for seamless installation. 

3. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the best flooring materials for dental office designs on a budget is vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring mimics the look of real hardwood floors, to create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. You can find brands that offer waterproof vinyl plank flooring, which adds to their durability.

4. Linoleum

Linoleum has long been used in various settings, including dentist offices. It is an easy-to-maintain, sustainable, and naturally insulating option. Today’s linoleum can include special coatings to increase its durability and longevity 

5. Laminate

Laminate is another great option for dental office flooring materials. It is another budget-friendly option that mimics the look of real hardwood for a warm and welcoming feeling. It is great for high-traffic areas, but may need replacing after a few years.

6. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

An alternative to vinyl plank flooring is luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. LVT provides a more diverse selection of flooring options, by offering hardwood, ceramic, and even stone-like appearances. It offers the same durability, ease of cleaning, and waterproof possibilities at an affordable price. 

Choosing the Best Flooring for Dental Office Designs

Choosing the Best Flooring for Dental Office Designs

Choosing the perfect flooring is important for the look and feel of your dental practice and for the comfort of everyone, from the receptionist and hygienists, to the patients themselves. Your patients may not take the time to appreciate your choice in flooring, but you and your staff will. The materials listed above are some of the top dental office flooring options. 

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