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Technology allows us to install different types of floors. The setting deviates from the recent history of installing wooden floors and other less stable floor materials. Despite the array of options, all floor types require repair or replacement. You may find it interesting to understand the different removal processes if you want to have an intense preparation process.

Types of floors and their removal processes

Vinyl and Linoleum

Old flooring tends to have smooth patches or an overall smoothness. Placing a new vinyl floor will not give you the same previous efficiency. This case is especially true for vinyl that has an attachment to the plywood floor. 

A professional of floor removal in Chandler will scrap off the floor and all the accessory glue to prepare for the placement of new layers. Our team can begin by loosening the strips and using machines to pull off the extra material. Specific machines work better than others do by using heat or unique solutions to soften hardened parts. 


Removing carpet is an easier task when you do not plan to retain it after removal. A DIY removal project could involve cutting a strip and pulling to remove the entire surface. The woven backing of the carpet may get stuck on the real floor. The remnant pieces are, however, comfortable to pull and clean. The simplicity of removing carpets does not warrant most companies dealing with floor removal in Chandler to include it in their package. 


The process of removing wood will determine whether you can repurpose it. It is easy to remove wood that you plan to discard, by working in small sections of the board. 

It is otherwise advisable to find a floor removal professional if you want a faster and cleaner process. Floor Dozers has tools such as giant magnets, nail claws, and ripping tools that will dismantle the floor quick and easy. You can also talk to our consultancy team if you plan to salvage the planks. Trusting our team to do a meticulous job is the best way of ensuring you do not get splits and cracks in pieces. 


The first step of removing tiles without professional help is locating the starting point or joints. Tiles that run with broken joints or cracks will require different removal processes. Removing tiles using this manner means you have to work on one single tile at a time. 

An extra effort with a hammer, chisel, or pole scraper may speed up the process. The bottom line is that you will use too much energy performing a task that will cost a few extra coins. 

Additionally, tile removal involves plenty of dust and broken pieces that are potentially detrimental to your health. You may also need to remove the underlayment and remove exposed nails. You have to collect and deal with the disposal of the tiles because you cannot reuse the tiles for another floor layering. Do not stress yourself or your household with the removal of tiles. Contact us for a quote on your floor’s size and detailing of the exact removal process.


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