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How to Get More Commercial Flooring Leads

There are two main sectors in the flooring industry: residential and commercial. While these two share similar aspects, they differ in their requirements, selection, and price for the client in question. Commercial flooring jobs mean longer projects––and higher pay for flooring companies. For companies looking to increase their profit margins, offering flooring services to commercial clients is something to consider. 

The problem with turning to commercial flooring services is finding clients. Unlike residential clients, commercial clients are harder to find and attract, even with all the right marketing tactics. To help attract more commercial clients to your business, try implementing the following strategies:

Create High-Value Content on Your Website

If a commercial business has worked with contractors previously and developed good relationships with them, they will typically go to them for their flooring needs. If they don’t have a go-to contractor, they will turn to the Internet to look for reliable companies. You need to create high-value website content and techniques to appear in these searches and appeal to these companies. These strategies can include:

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the use of specific, relevant keywords to appear in related Internet searches. Done effectively and consistently will mean your website or content will show up high in the rankings, where it is more likely to be seen and clicked. 

Informative Blog Posts

Blog posts are excellent forms of high-value content that can also incorporate SEO. You want to create high-quality, informative posts about the flooring industry, showing knowledge and expertise.

Pictures of Your Projects

Another way to add high-value content to your website is to add pictures of your commercial flooring projects. Provide before-and-after images of the projects so potential customers can see your work for your clients.

Video and Other Content

Blog posts and pictures aren’t your only options for content. Videos are another way to share your knowledge and expertise by going over the process of installation, how-to tutorials, or similar content. 

Use a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

A CRM system is a business tool that allows you to create and maintain detailed accounts of your customers and potential leads. There are many different CRMs, all offering different tools and features. 

Design and Establish a Sales Funnel

Without sales, your business can’t succeed. A sales funnel can help streamline your sales process, to follow a prospective client through each step, from the initial interaction to the final sale.

Manage Clients Throughout the Sales Process

CRM systems are management tools that allow you to manage your clients and potential leads through the sales process and beyond. The system tracks their process through the sales funnel, to show your methods’ effectiveness. The software can also allow you to interact with clients and leads, like sending emails, creating sales calls, and more. 

Personalized Email Marketing

Another tactic to use to attract commercial clients is personalized email marketing. A person is more likely to respond to emails that seem more personal and directed at them rather than an impersonal, mass email. These emails shouldn’t be a one-time occupancy; you should keep in contact and cultivate a strong relationship. Doing so will show your commitment and make the client more inclined to leave a positive review and come to you for future projects. 

Reputation Management Strategy

Your reputation is everything when you sell products and services. Taking the time to manage that reputation is vital to attracting new customers.

Complete Your Profile on Review Websites

When someone searches for products or services, many results can come from listings from review websites. Use these websites to your advantage by creating a verified business profile so that when someone clicks on it, they know the information is accurate. It will also make it easier for current and past clients to leave reviews for others to see.

Respond to Reviews

Taking the time to respond to positive and negative reviews shows a dedication to providing excellent customer service. It is vital to keep responses professional, even when faced with criticism. Apologize for any issues that a client may have had, and give any explanations you can, but always remain respectful; when potential clients see that, they will respond positively and consider coming to you with their project. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Today, social media is vital for businesses. It creates another way to connect and engage with your clients and potential leads, and allows you to create and strengthen those relationships. There are many ways to use social media, including:

Creating Social Media Profiles

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube all allow you to create business profiles. By creating profiles on these platforms, you are creating more ways for potential clients to find and interact with the company. They also provide new, unique ways to interact with your clients and target audience.

Share Content

Once you have your profile, you need to share content. You can share images of your projects, talk about the process, share links to industry-related content, and more on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. On YouTube, you can create video-style content on the same topics, with you discussing these things in a verbal format. The more you use the platforms, the more you can build your brand, gain recognition, and boost your website’s traffic. 

Getting Creative to Get Clients

The flooring industry can be lucrative if you are committed to the work it requires. 

Commercial flooring is one industry area that can bring in profit and recognition––if you can get the clients. It isn’t as easy as getting residential clients, but with a little effort, you will find yourself with new commercial clients. 

The methods we’ve outlined are some great ways to work towards gaining that clientele. Take the time to apply these methods, and you should have new commercial clients in no time!

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