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The Wholesale Advantage: A Guide to Purchasing Laminate Flooring in Bulk

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Redoing your floors can take a lot of product, even if you are only doing one room. While most people first consider purchasing their floors at a flooring store, you should consider your options more carefully.

An option people don’t always consider when buying flooring for a project is buying from a wholesale distributor. Wholesale has many advantages and is an excellent option for projects like new flooring. Here is what you should know and where to go when buying wholesale laminate floors.

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale refers to the practice of purchasing large quantities of products directly from a manufacturer. This is typically how retail stores get their merchandise; they buy from a wholesale location and then sell those products at a higher price in their own stores.

While many wholesale distributors do solely business-to-business sales, consumers can buy from them in some instances, like by going to their warehouses to purchase products for a project. Doing so offers numerous benefits worth considering.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Buying Laminate Flooring Wholesale?

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There are many great benefits to choosing to buy your laminate flooring wholesale. Some of these benefits include:

Can Easily Order Bulk

Flooring is a product you must purchase in bulk, whether you are doing one room or a whole house. The average retail store may not have the right amount on hand when you order. It can result in longer wait times as you wait for them to order more products, which can set back your project timeline. Purchasing wholesale will also make it more cost-effective to buy extra products to have on hand in case of accidents during installation or other types of floor damage.

Cheaper Than Retail

More flooring stores buy their inventory wholesale at discounted prices. They then sell these same products to consumers at significantly higher prices. By buying directly from a wholesale source, you are cutting out the retailer and hundreds of dollars in product costs alone.

A Bigger Selection

Stores may claim to offer a large selection of flooring, but it will not compare to the selection you can get from buying wholesale. Wholesale sellers have countless options for you to choose from within each individual category of flooring, like wholesale waterproof laminate flooring. Going with a wholesale source gives you a wider selection of colors, textures, styles, and even thicknesses of flooring. This gives you a better chance of finding the perfect flooring for your space.

Can More Readily Deliver Product

Retail sellers are either limited in their ability to deliver because of the cost of shipping or the limited availability of products in their warehouse. Wholesale distributors can deliver more quickly, as they will carry larger quantities and are equipped to ship flooring to various parts of the country. This means there is less wait time for delivery, because you will not have to wait for a wholesale distributor to order the product before shipping it to you.

Get to Work with the Best

Buying laminate flooring wholesale also provides an opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry. Workers in wholesale facilities are more familiar with the product offerings and can offer more advice and knowledge on different products. They can help you to make the best choice possible by pointing you towards products that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Ultimate Floors Wholesale Flooring

While there are many wholesale flooring companies, one that stands out as one of the best is Ultimate Floors.

Ultimate Floors is an excellent wholesale flooring source that can fulfill the flooring needs of big and small spaces alike. They use a high-volume business model that allows them to offer their customers highly competitive pricing and maintain a full inventory of flooring products.

Currently, Ultimate Floors has warehouses in Los Angeles and Houston but aims to expand their presence to easily provide their vast flooring selection to more consumers across the U.S. They are committed to providing high-quality and innovative flooring products and customer service.

Wholesale is the Best Way to Buy Your Flooring

Before you make a flooring purchase, take a moment to check out a wholesale distribution warehouse. It will open eyes to a wider selection of flooring options at significantly better prices than you would pay elsewhere.

Aside from better prices and a bigger selection, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that you are working directly with the best in the industry, who can help you make the perfect choice. Ultimate Floors is one of the wholesale retailers ready to help you find the perfect floors.

To see what Ultimate Floors offers, call or email us today or visit one of our local warehouses in Los Angeles, California, or Houston, Texas.


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