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Aqua Armor Tech

Why Choose Aqua Armor?

Next-Generation Laminate. Aqua Armor Tech collections feature a 15% denser core and added water-repelling materials to the plank’s composition. Materials such as Tar are blended into the traditional HDF core, making each plank more water-resistant and less susceptible to water absorption.

Thickness.Offered in 8.3mm & 12.3mm thicknesses, Aqua Armor Tech Collections are even simpler to install than SPC while providing similar waterproofing capabilities.

Toughness. Aqua Armor Tech collections feature a melamine wear layer coupled with waxed clicks, making it highly scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

Ease of Upkeep. Because of Aqua Armor Tech’s added water resilient capabilities, you can quickly and confidently wash the floors in any way, shape, or form (wet mop included).
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