Why Choose Laminate?

“Laminate. It looks like hardwood. It’s inspired by hardwood. So, why not just buy hardwood? You certainly could, but laminate has a long list of benefits you may not be aware of.”

Why choose Laminate?


First of all, there’s the price. Laminate is considerably more cost-effective than buying hardwood, and yet its authentic, inspired-by-nature look makes it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. If you want the hardwood look on a budget, laminate is the perfect pick for you.


Second, laminate is considerably more durable than hardwood, which is easily susceptible to scratching and moisture damage. If you have furry critters or small children in the house, you may not have the time to maintain expensive hardwood floors. Laminate is far more durable than real hardwood. With laminate, there’s less worry when it comes to wear and tear. With different textures to choose from, low-gloss finishes and a heavy-duty wear layer, laminate is highly resistant to stains and spills.
Laminate is also known for its versatility. Our design team can simulate the look of any number of natural hardwoods, just by snapping the perfect picture and transferring it to the floor. We can also simulate natural textures and patterns, creating a look so natural no one will ever know the difference.

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