Why Choose LVT?

In the past ten to fifteen years Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has made a name for itself in the flooring world. It is not by coincidence that LVT flooring has grown into the product of choice for many interior commercial spaces.

Why Choose LVT?


What makes LVT durable? It consists of laminated layers, one of which is the clear wear layer.
A liquid urethane is typically added to the clear wear layer and can be enhanced with other additives such as ceramic beads or aluminum oxide. This is the key component for the product’s durability and enhances the wear layer properties providing resistance to stains, scuffs, and scratches.
This multi-layer protection and outperforms the competitor’s products against scratch resistance and impact resistance.
It allows the product to cut cleanly for high-quality installation. It is engineered for best-in-class dimensional stability. Depending on the wear layer’s thickness and urethane combination, the performance of LVT products will be different. Durability should be top-of-mind when specifying a product for a high traffic area such as schools, restaurants, and hospitals.


LVT is known for its ease of maintenance. Just as the wear layer provides durability, it also reduces maintenance costs. With the wear layer applied during the manufacturing process, there is no need to polish the floor, which reduces the overall life cycle cost over time when compared to other vinyl flooring types like vinyl composition tile (VCT).


Technology advancements have allowed LVT designs to mimic other hard surface products that tend to be more expensive.
LVT is a cost-effective way to elevate your space without the premium price tag of traditional, natural materials. This ranges from realistic wood grains to ceramic and concrete looks. Abstract designs also provide another aesthetic option when designing your space.

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