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Find Out Why Ultimate Floors is the Top Flooring Wholesaler in Houston

Top Flooring Wholesaler in Houston

Calling ourselves the best flooring wholesaler in Houston is a lofty claim. Still, it’s a statement we’re confident making at Ultimate Floors. 

We’ve spent years establishing our reputation as the most reliable wholesale flooring company in Houston. Ask all our clients, and they’ll tell you our commitment to quality and value is unmatched in the community–and some might even say the entire world. 

With that said, what can we do for you as our customer? What does aligning with us mean for our clients? And most importantly, where is the best place to buy flooring wholesale?

That question–amongst many others–will be answered below:

A Little Bit About Ultimate Floors, the Top Flooring Wholesaler in Houston


What’s Our Identity at Ultimate Flooring?

The core philosophy at Ultimate flooring is rooted in designing elegant and durable floors. Also, we’re focused on maintaining our standing as the industry leader in 100% waterproof and laminate flooring. 

Another central part of our values is our competitive pricing.

Moreover, we’ve developed product lines specifically engineered in vinyl and laminate to ensure the best quality material. 

Manufacturing is done with the needs of our customers top of mind. That dedication to our clients is the reason we’ve been around and thriving for 15-plus years. Most importantly, this approach won’t change as we continue to expand. 

As the top flooring company in Houston, we make a point to sell the best products for shield protection on laminate. Ultimate Floors also sells water-proof protection on SPC products that we believe in strongly enough to stamp on a 20-35-year warranty.

Thinking Globally. Acting Locally

Being the top flooring wholesaler in Houston means Ultimate Floors strives to set an example for our surrounding community. So, we think beyond our bottom line and the confines of our headquarters. Instead, our values revolve around weighing our impact on the world.

Keeping the above reasons in mind, we only source from ecologically managed forests. This approach vastly reduces our ecological footprint.

We embrace the fact that being a global company comes with high-level responsibilities. That’s a driving force in why we are committed to maintaining the highest standards for environmentally-conscious flooring for our clients and their families.

At the Ground Floor of Local Businesses and Community Success:

With Ultimate Floors, the members and businesses in our community know they have a reliable flooring expert to make their design dreams come true.

We manufacture and supply 100% water-proof vinyl and laminate flooring from our headquarters in Houston. Carrying over 80 different flooring specifications and colors, we have the biggest warehouse of LVT, SPC vinyl, moldings, and flooring accessories.

It’s indisputable that we have everything required–from start to finish–for your project, including a team of highly-trained experts who’ll guide you through the whole process. 

Our team members are well aware of our reputation as the best flooring company Houston offers. Therefore, they’ll leave no floorboard unturned in providing you with the highest quality products, attentive service, and a top-notch customer experience. Additionally, we back it up with a 10-35 year warranty. 

Having been around for 15-plus years as the top flooring wholesaler in Houston, we’re eager to honor and improve upon all the groundwork we’ve already laid with our client base. So, high quality materials are only the tip of the Ultimate Floors iceberg–our consultation services are the most extensive you’ll see in the industry. 

It doesn’t matter if you require a consultation on a 500 square-foot project or a 500,000 square-foot project. Our dedicated team of community-oriented professionals will guide you every step of the way to ensure you make the best decision based on your needs and budget. 

Here’s Why Our Customers All Become Lifelong Customers:

Below is a summary of what our loyal clients have come to love about us over the past 15-plus years:

  • We Offer Pure Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)
    • Our Stone Polymer Composite has zero wood or paper particles, and it’s 100% water-proof technology.
  • Our Products Are Easy and Headache-Free
    • No matter what you buy from us, it’ll come with our patented Uni-click design, offering one of the easiest installation processes you’ve ever experienced.
  • Pet Friendliness is Part of Our Mantra
    • Scratch-resistant surfaces are a feature of all Houston Floors products. Your furry friends won’t do any damage, resulting in less stress for you.
  • Environmental Consciousness is Top of Mind
    • We walk the walk with our environmental friendliness, ensuring CARB compliance. Furthermore, we are Greenguard and FloorScore Certified.
  • Putting Our Clients First
    • Dealers and clients of Ultimate Floors receive products specific to the needs of their project or store, benefitting from our vast flooring industry expertise.
  • Undeniably Waterproof
    • There is no debating or cracking the seal of our 4x Moisture Shield Technology.

Are you starting a flooring project? There’s a lot more you can find out about us by reading onward, or you can contact us and speak to one of our dedicated experts.

Starting a New Flooring Project? Consider Stone Plastic Composite


Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is one of our most popular, signature offerings and a large part of what makes us the top flooring wholesaler in Houston.

What is SPC?

SPC flooring has a rigid core made from polyvinyl chloride, powdered limestone, and stabilizers. Its primary traits are dimensional stability, density, quietness, and strength. 

Furthermore, SPC’s silica core offers robust waterproofing capabilities.

SPC Perfectly Emulates Your Favorite Flooring

Of course, everyone loves the aesthetic appeal of real wood. The rustic earthiness offers a subtle touch of sophistication to any indoor environment.

However, wood flooring isn’t waterproof. Conversely, SPC flooring is entirely waterproof. Furthermore, its surface can be distressed, hand-scraped, and detailed with realistic-looking wormholes and knots to emulate the appearance of real wood. 

Beyond just wood, SPC is versatile enough to run the gamut of aesthetic styles. It can resemble anything from timeworn slate to polished marble.

Whether real wood, tile, or laminate, SPC can be finished to look like nearly endless flooring options.

SPC is Highly Malleable

Installation headaches involving dimensions and fit aren’t an issue with SPC flooring because it’s easy to work with and highly resilient.

Specifically, SPC can be laid in many designs. It can also be precision-cut to fit seamlessly in complex layouts or into trickier, small spaces.

SPC is Long-Lasting in Even the Toughest Conditions

When it comes to durability and lifespan, SPC significantly outperforms laminate. It’s comprised using cutting-edge technology and hydraulically pressed plastic.

As such, even the most high-volume foot traffic can wear down SPC flooring. No matter what, your SPC flooring will hold tough and maintain its striking, eye-catching aesthetic for years to come.

SPC Flooring Makes Cleaning is a Breeze

Maintenance won’t even make you break a sweat if you purchase SPC flooring. All you need to clean is a vacuum or Swiffer, and voila, your SPC flooring will be spick and span.

SPC Offers Headache-Free Underlayment Installation

An underlayment barrier provides moisture prevention for SPC flooring, much like laminate. This layer also offers sound buffering.


As the top flooring wholesaler in Houston, we’ve kept our clients’ experiences top of mind. So, several of our SPC lines are available with pre-installed underlayment, further simplifying the flooring installation process.

SPC is a High-Quality Flooring Solution

When you purchase SPC flooring from Ultimate Floors, you can rest assured you have a product unmatched in quality. Compared to laminate, it’s 20-times more impact resistant. Moreover, SPC has 10-times the impact resistance of Wood Composite Core (WPC) flooring. On top of that, when held up against WPC flooring, SPC provides significantly more fire and water resistance.

SPC Eliminates the Need for Dangerous Tools Like a Saw

You don’t need to be a particularly handy person to install your SPC flooring from Houston Floors, the number-one flooring wholesaler in Houston. For one, a saw isn’t required to score SPC flooring. A razor will do. Plus, our SPC floors utilize click-technology, eliminating much of the room for error, even when DIYing installation.  SPC planks make the perfect fit for bathrooms and kitchens in large part due to their ability to be installed over any hard surface. 

Check Out Our SPC Collections

When you select Ultimate Floors as your top flooring wholesaler in Houston, you can guarantee you’ll enjoy a diverse selection of products. No more is this evident than with our long list of SPC flooring collections.

The number of SPC products available at Ultimate Floors speaks to the versatility of the flooring itself. There’s an SPC collection or style for any home or store environment. 

Whether you’re seeking a more modern aesthetic or you desire something more rustic, SPC flooring will give you what you’re looking for.

Click on one (or more) of the collections below to see our vast selection of SPC products.

SPC Accessories

We want our clients to get the most out of their SPC flooring. 

As such, we supply a wide range of SPC accessories to fine-tune your floors after installation is complete:

  • T_moulding:
    • T_moulding offers a seamless transition to a tailored subtler finish.
  • End_moulding:
    • Like our t_moulding, end_moulding’s seamless transition is conducive to a subtle and tailored finish.
  • Stairnose_flush
    • When your SPC flooring leads towards stairs, stairnose_flush (also known as a Bull Nose) offers a round-finished edge.
  • Stairnose
    • This accessory provides protection against the edge protruding from the stairs subject to most foot traffic.
  • Reducer
    • A reducer establishes a seamless flow in transitional areas.
  • Quarter_round
    • We offer a variety of Quarter_Round to finish off your floor.

SPC floors are one of the highest-echelon flooring products on the market. However, like any other investment in your business or home, you want to make the correct choice that gets the most lifetime value out of your final decision. So, feel free to contact us

One of our expert consultants will enthusiastically and attentively guide you through the process and help you reach the best purchasing decision based on your needs and budget. Appealing to our expert insights will get you the highest possible return on your flooring investment. 

Ultimate Floors Offers High-Quality Laminate Flooring

Many might think SPC flooring is our bread and butter. Yet, being as client-centered as we are, it’s no surprise that we also offer high-quality laminate flooring options. 

Laminate Flooring is A More Affordable Option with Genuine Looking Finishes

Consisting of a bonded photo image protected by a series of high density layers, laminate is a highly durable style of flooring.

Over the years, there’s been an evolution in laminate manufacturing, leading to subtler, unique finishes while being produced in mass, affordable quantities. Thus, this flooring option is a nifty blend of budget-friendliness and aesthetic appeal, saving you money but not sacrificing visual quality.

Laminate Flooring Offers Seamless Installation, Removing all Headaches

The Uni-Click design present in our laminate flooring products offers seamless and more affordable installation. After all, you take one board and click it into another–could it be any more straightforward? 

Sure, as the top flooring company in Houston, we’ll help with installation. We’re always there for our customers. 

All the same, you can install our laminate floors on your own without much hassle, even if you’re new to DIY projects. This benefit is conducive to substantial savings on installation costs.

Laminate Flooring is Durable in the Face of Water-Spillage and Scratches

Laminate flooring is known for staving off potential wear-and-tear-based damage when installed in homes with big families or businesses with many customers. 

The top layer of our laminate floors is resistant to water and scratches, hanging tough against foot traffic and other duress day-in-day-out. 

We will point out that laminate isn’t as strong as our SPC flooring. While there’s a reasonable level of scratch and water resistance, you typically need to be vigilant with damage prevention.

For instance, it’s suggestible to use furniture pads beneath chair/table legs, etc., to prevent scratching. Also, mats in heavy use areas will better prevent damage against abrasions or liquid spills. 

Despite not being as strong as SPC, the water resistance in laminate flooring still makes it a great fit in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where humidity fluctuates and spills are frequent. In fact, actual hardwood isn’t suitable for those rooms because of water and humidity sensitivities.

To the above point, laminate flooring products have been engineered to handle more extreme humidity fluctuations and water spillages than ever.

Laminate Flooring is Easy to Clean

At Ultimate Floors, our laminate flooring products have easy-to-clean surfaces that only require your Swiffer and vacuum to keep them spotless. This straightforward cleaning process makes laminate floors ideal in any home with lots of children running around. 

Alternatively, you can keep your high-traffic store sparkling clean no matter how wet and muddy it is outside.

Furthermore, our laminate floors repel dust and allergens, allowing anyone suffering from allergies to breathe freely.

Laminate Flooring Can Resemble Actual Wood

Our laminates offer you a wide range of colors and finishes, many of them almost perfectly replicating wood in appearance:

  • AC4 Residential/Commercial:
    • European Collection
      • Engineered to precisely resemble the natural European look, characterized by luxury design incorporating a rich history.
    •  Desert-V Collection
      • Inspired by the golden desert, this collection uses warm colors and is available in 12.3MM thickness with a V-groove edge.
    • South America Collection
      • This collection uses exotic colors such as gray-white sapwood and salmon red heartwood. It comes with a 10-year commercial use warranty and a 50-year residential warranty.
  •  AC3 Residential
    • Rustic Country Collection
      • This collection offers laminate 7-inches wide and 12mm, has triple moisture protection wax, and is available in V-groove and U-groove connections.  
    • Crystal Collection
      • Bleached cools and rich warms are just a couple of tones offered in the Crystal collection. Plus, there’s a 25-year warranty that speaks to its quality.
    •  Handscraped Collection
      • The hand-scraping technique utilized in this collection is incorporated to make your flooring look distressed, old, and worn. 
    • Hawaiian Collection
      • Unique, one-of-a-kind wood colors are a key feature of the Hawaiian collection, as are beautiful tropical finishes. The flooring is easy to maintain, and the laminate is distressed for a rustic aesthetic. 

Also, our wide range of accessories will give your laminate flooring those crucial finishing touches. 

Do you like what you’ve read about our selection of laminate flooring? Or, is laminate flooring the most budget-friendly option for your home or store that doesn’t sacrifice quality? 

If yes, then contact us today! 

We’d love a chance to hear about what you want from you’re flooring. From there, we’ll quickly find the best, highest-value, longest-lasting option for you. 

Strengthen Your Waterproofing with Aqua Armor


Our Aqua Armor collection is a new variation of laminate that’s become a popular choice for home and business owners in the Houston community.

Aqua Armor is An Evolved Type of Laminate Flooring

There’s a 15% denser core with our Aqua Armor Tech collections. Plus, there are additional water-repelling materials found in the plank’s composition. 

Moreover, the traditional HDF core is bolstered by materials such as Tar, strengthening the water resistance and reducing water absorption in each plank.

Aqua Armor Offers Optimal Thickness

Aqua Armor Tech collections make for seamless installation–even more so than our SPC collections. Additionally, the 8.3mm and 12.3mm thicknesses ensure increased durability and waterproofing.

Aqua Armor Flooring is Double Tough

The melamine wear layer in our Aqua Armor Tech collections has waxed clicks. This feature offers stronger scratch-resistance and simplified stress-free maintenance.

Aqua Armor Tech Removes the Hassles of Usage

Due to Aqua Armor Tech’s incredible resilience against water, washing these floors can be done in almost any way. You can even use a wet mop without worrying about doing any damage.

Check out our 8.33 mm Great Oak Aqua Armor Tech Collection or our 12.33 MM Sequoia Aqua Armor Tech Collection. Don’t then forget about the finishing touches of your flooring project. Namely, look into Ultimate Floors’ accessories for our Aqua Armor Tech Collections. Do you want to get right down to business and speak to one of our expert representatives at our flooring company in Houston? Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the ideal flooring option for your store or home.

Looking for Sound Solutions?


We take the mantle of being the top flooring wholesaler in Houston very seriously. Thus, we look at your flooring needs from all angles.

For example, we provide a top-quality option for our clients seeking superior sound control, whether in commercial buildings, high-rises, or multi-family housing.

Our GenieMat RST–made from 94% recycled rubber content–is directly installed over concrete/wood construction and under hard surface floor finishes. The mat’s flat and resilient structure reduces sound transition, protecting stone, ceramic tile, and porcelain from substrate cracks. 

The GenieMat RST is engineered to directly adhere to tile, stone, wood, vinyl, and other floor coverings. 

With tile, for instance, the GenieMat RST products are rated for minimum commercial use. Moreover, GenieMat FASadhesives are known for strengthened bonding in wood flooring. Then with vinyl floors, there’s a one-step method for enhanced sound control for resilient coverings. 

  • Highly resistant to mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • More than satisfies the criteria of the point-load test for the crack-isolation membrane
  • Is compliant with VOC emissions requirements
  • LEED® points qualified
  • Certified with Floorscore® 
  • Warranty available for complete floor covering system

Learn more about our flooring sound solutions by clicking here.

There’s No Debate. Ultimate Floors is The Number-One Flooring Company in Houston.

It isn’t bragging when we call ourselves the top flooring wholesaler in Houston. Instead, we’re merely stating a fact. We’ve worked tirelessly to establish that reputation and are proud to let it be known.

Ultimate Floors has developed an unmatched expertise in helping members of our community find their dream flooring based on their budget and design tastes. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert flooring consultants. It’s time to find you the floor of your dreams.


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